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Educational Program

East Preparatory Academy has developed a philosophy of recognizing each student as an individual, each with unique interests, aspirations and passions. The educational program and methods utilized must be meaningful and relevant, and may differ according to the situation of each individual student.  We offer each student the opportunity to learn at their own pace, and to focus on their unique interests to bring their passion, but at the same time recognizing that they must reach certain milestones to meet the state learning requirements.  

At East Prep, we believe that:

  • All students achieve to their potential given the correct resources, facility, caring, dedicated educators, and parents.
  • All students benefit from a fundamental curriculum and structured environment, which includes foundational skills and hands-on application in grades k-8.
  • Parent involvement is a key component to the success of individual students and the success of the school.
  • Teachers incorporate high yield instructional strategies into their lessons to provide stimulating, challenging, and focused academic classes.
  • Students work individually, as teams, and within groups in their classrooms as they use a variety of tools to promote learning (i.e. technology for research, labs for inquiry learning, and hands-on manipulatives).
  • Cross Curricula instruction take place in all grade levels by incorporating language into all subject areas.
At East you will find:
  • A small school environment
  • Free transportation provided
  • All day kindergarten
  • Academic enrichment program
  • Extra-Curricular Activity Period
  • Classroom technology –Tablets, Smart Boards
  • Art, Music, and PE for all students
  • Rigorous, small group and individualized instruction
  • Hands-on, Project-based Learning
  • Required Parental Involvement
  • Caring, Motivated, Highly Qualified Staff
  • Student Uniforms