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Parent Resources

Parents for Charter Schools


The Parents for Charter Schools network was created to organize, mobilize and train charter school parents from across the state with the purpose of developing parent leaders, spokespersons, and advocates for the charter school movement.

The program supports families by linking them together with other charter parents to present a powerful 'voice' to state legislators and the media. They accomplish this by partnering with the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education to develop a strategy around ramping up parent engagement that activates parents to meaningful parent actions in their local charter school. This endeavor is supported by facilitating Parent Leadership Training designed to develop and empower charter parent leaders to take ownership in the success of quality charter public schools by:

  • Serving as a link between families and schools to develop a strong parent core in their charter school
  • Equipping parents with advocacy skills to promote meaningful parent involvement in their schools
  • Educating parents on the power of sharing their school choice personal experiences
  • Equipping charter parents with the right information about charter schools so that they can have conversations with their friends, family, and community as an advocate for charter schools
  • Connecting parents and decision makers to engage in meaningful conversations to influence their support of high-quality charter schools

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Help your Child Avoid Test Anxiety


The word test can cause a certain amount of stress in any student, no matter how well she is doing in school. Confidence and a positive attitude are key to overcoming it — and parents can help on both counts.

Consider sports. You take your child to practice, where she learns the rules of her game. You cheer for her to urge her toward success. When she does well, you celebrate. When she doesn’t, you encourage her to practice and try again.

You can help your child overcome test anxiety the same way. First, talk about what the school is expecting her to learn and be able to do. You can find this out by talking to her teacher. Ask the teacher how you can help build your child’s confidence — and what material you can review with her. Encourage your child every step along the way as she builds knowledge.

If you are preparing your child for state tests, ask his teacher how to help him understand what the tests will look like. Also, the teacher can explain how you can work with your child at home on the Ohio Department of Education’s student practice resources and practice tests.

It’s important to remember that Ohio’s State Tests are based on Ohio’s Learning Standards. These standards lay out what students should know and be able to do in each grade. Ohio teachers choose questions for state tests that match what their students are learning in their classrooms. This is your child’s opportunity to show what she has learned throughout the school year. Keeping this in mind, your child should go into test day with confidence.

Finally, put every test in its proper place. We should all try to do our best on a test, but we shouldn’t allow the test to terrify us. No single test — even at the end of a school year — can have lifelong consequences for your child. Explain to your child that she wants to do well to show herself what she has learned — not to keep something terrible from happening. Your school should support her in the same way.

Helping your child build confidence and putting tests in their proper perspective will ease the pressure on your child when test days roll around. It also will give her a better overall school experience.


KRA Family Resources


The Office of Early Learning and School Readiness has posted new resources for schools and districts to share with parents and families about the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA). The Welcome to Kindergarten-KRA Family Resource document is a resource to support administrators and educators in communicating the purpose of the KRA with parents and caregivers. Two additional resources accompany this document on the same Web page — a PowerPoint and a video that you can share with parents and families. For additional KRA resources, please go here.


New Online Videos Help Parents Support the Third Grade Reading Guarantee


Reading on the GoReading for a Purpose and Reading on the Screen, short vidoes that are less than three minutes, give parents concrete, easy tips to help their children become stronger readers and meet the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. The videos, developed to assist parents as they help their children practice reading, are perfect for sharing during parent nights and come with a collection of companion flyers with even more tips for parents. Find them all on INFOhio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee page.

The flyers and videos were developed by INFOhio, the State Library of Ohio, the Ohio Educational Library Media Association, and the Ohio PTA. They are available to all Ohioans for free download. For more information and easy ways to communicate with your parents about the videos, go to the Online Video announcement on the INFOhio website.

Parents, staff, students and the community work hard to ensure all students have the best opportunity for learning!  Communication and supporting school initiatives are all a part of that process.  Come visit us today to see how you can be a part of our success.

Phone Blast – Be sure the school has your updated contact information at all times.  We often send out phone blast messages  with information and reminders such as school closings, upcoming events and special programs at the school.

Constant Contact – This is our electronic newsletter that is emailed to families every 1-2 weeks.  It provides updates and information such as the school calendar, monthly lunch menu and shares our successes!

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