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East Preparatory Academy's Mission

East Preparatory Academy, serving grades K-8, is dedicated to improving the lives of its students by providing authentic learning experiences in a collaborative, nurturing environment that will build a foundation for students success in school, at future work, and in life.

To achieve the mission, our School will integrate current learning technologies into the classroom, offer authentic learning experiences that are respectful of how children learn best, and offer a schedule and support activities that enable each student to achieve to his or her potential. We want our students to leave the School with the skills and abilities necessary to achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and success as lifelong learners. This mission requires the support of the faculty, staff, families, and community in order to encourage and empower students to be responsible and valued citizens.


Help your Child Avoid Test Anxiety

school testing

The word test can cause a certain amount of stress in any student, no matter how well she is doing in school. Confidence and a positive attitude are key to overcoming it — and parents can help on both counts.

Consider sports. You take your child to practice, where she learns the rules of her game. You cheer for her to urge her toward success. When she does well, you celebrate. When she doesn’t, you encourage her to practice and try again.

Board Meeting Notice

Please note that the East Preparatory Academy Board of Directors next meeting is scheduled for:
Thursday, March 2, 2017
5:00 PM

And will be held at:
Capella High School
5130 Warrensville Center Road
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

Parent Notification: Statewide Testing and Compulsory Attendance

East Preparatory Academy is a community school established under Chapter 3314 of the Ohio Revised Code. The school is a public school and students enrolled in and attending the school are required to take Ohio Achievement Assessments, AIR Assessment, Ohio Graduation Tests, or any other examinations prescribed by law. In addition, there may be other requirements for students at the school that are prescribed by law. Students who have been excused from the compulsory attendance law for purpose of home education as defined by the Administrative Code shall no longer be excused for that purpose upon their enrollment in a community school. For more information about this matter contact, Director, Ms. Beasley, or the Ohio Department of Education.

A Friend of a Friend...


Ms. Judy Brillinger and her trusty book wagon is no stranger to East Prep students.  Last year she found us and has been an adopted friend bringing wonderful books for our students of all ages to adopt.  This year she initially brought books for the 1st and 4th graders who were wowed by her read alouds and faced with the daunting choices of choosing books for themselves and their classrooms.  Then, we found some time for her to also visit 2nd and 3rd graders lest they be jealous.  Ms. Judy's love for books and her son lives on through her charity work in Dustyreads.

Coin Wars for a Cause

Students at East Prep have found a new, improved use for all their loose change.  With some staff direction and plenty of newfound inspiration, the school has once again reached out to connect with the community around us to find ways and means for us to help.  Three places already making a difference were chosen to learn about how even young people could partner with them.  The City Mission, Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries, and the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center serve our neighborhoods and now have renewed ties to East Prep.